Friday, May 8, 2009

HALLELUJA.... A Full Nights Sleep Returns!!!

So, if you have been following the Asher saga as it unfolds, then you are aware of the fact that Matt and I have not had a decent nights rest since he was discharged from the hospital on April 22nd. What with being awakened early by our 2 year old and being kept up late and throughout the night with feedings every 3 hours....there isn't much room for undisturbed REM sleep. Last night, out of desperation, we tried something different. We eliminated the formula from the breast milk, because it settles and glues up the tubing, and filled the bag with enough breast milk to cover 2 of Asher's feedings. The hope was that we wouldn't have to clean out the pump tubing after his hour long feed is over with....this is where we really lose the sleep....and instead, just wake up and hit "pump" when his next feeding time came. On top of that, Matt took Asher with him into our GHOP (Garage House of Prayer) and slept in there so that I could try to get some undisturbed shut eye in. It all worked pretty smoothly and we were pretty stoked at having more options than just waking up every few hours. Well, when we saw Asher's GI doc today, he took it one step further into the realm of "Oh Yeah!". He taught us how to reprogram Asher's feeding pump to do one long drip feeding for an extended 8 hours. Oh yes, you heard that right......8 hours of sweet, heavenly, UNINTERRUPTED sleep, while my lovely boy eats and sleeps away! I knew there had to be at least ONE good thing come out of this feeding tube thing!!!! On top of everything, he gave us the official "OK" about removing the formula from his diet, which just made my day. I hated the idea of having him on that stuff when there is a deep freeze out back FULL of breast milk AND I'm still pumping everyday . I know some babies have to be on it, but mine doesn't, and I have heard that formula can lead to allergies later on. Asher has enough to deal with and I didn't want to add food allergies to the list if I could help it. So, we have had a very uplifting day at the doctors .....about time for that one!
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I want to shine some light on the selfless gestures of two very dear ladies. Leslie and Linda offered to come over and help watch Joel for me while Matt and I took Asher in for a follow up appointment. I know first hand that my son can be a human hurricane and was so greatful for their help. Thank you ladies for all that you have done for my family. It is a blessing to know you!
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Here are some pics to wet your apetite ;)

Matt and his boys!
Joel is wearing his new Prince Caspian jammies, a gift from Mamma Sue.

Asher sleeping with his daddy in the morning. I love taking secret snapshots!!
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And end on an even happier note (this is a very up beat blog.....I'm liking it!) I just found out today that My husband has been conspiring with the wonderful ladies at the Garden Gate Tea Room in Mt. Dora about a surprise Mother's Day Brunch for me, the Grandma's and his sister (who is also a new mommy). What a treat! I love being a mommy!!! ;) I'll try to take some pictures of the food this time, so you won't have to just picture what I describe.... that food is defenitely blog worthy, so more to come on that in 2 days.



Dixiemom7 said...

AWESOME! Praise God for every blessing he pours out. What a glorious thing to be able to sleep through the night! So happy for you guys.

Trafficmom said...

Can't wait to hear about your special Mother's Day brunch. What a special treat! You deserve it.