Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ENT Checkup and Paci Tips

Today is the long awaited ENT appointment for Asher. I have quietly been champing at the bit to meet this doctor and see exactly how Asher's vocal chord progress is doing in regards to possibly being able to nurse. It has been wearing on me lately....the desire to hold my little guy tight and nurse love him back to health and wholeness. I feel like that beautiful bonding time has been taken from us and I so want to see that redeemed and restored. I'll keep you posted on the verdict.

Please continue to pray for Asher's swallow mechanism to be fully restored....and for him to easily be able to nurse without any hindrances!

This simple little trick has given us so much more sleep. Just stick a small washcloth through the ring on a pacifier and let your baby hold it in their own mouth more easily!


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Dixiemom7 said...

Can't wait to hear what the doctor had to say! Have you attempted putting him on the breast for "paci" time? Or are you still producing too much for that? I was over-producing the whole time with Sabina, even contemplated selling or donating some. I've been praying for the nursing situation specifically for Asher. Let me know how it went! Love you guys.