Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Dream and a Warning for Asher

While visiting with my brother's family at our parent's house this weekend (he was down from Alabama), my mom told me about a dream she had the other night that had to do with Asher. I had her email it to me so I wouldn't forget it. I always pay attention to when my mom dreams because she so rarely does it that when she DOES remember one, it's usually has a purpose! Here it is, strange, but good:

Morning of May 24th

"I dreamed that Asher was back in the hospital. The doctors were planning to do surgery on him that day to cut off his ears. I wondered why they would do that and their answer was that it would make him hear better. There were some others there who also thought that was stupid and told the doctors to at least wait until his parents came. Then Erika came in and she wondered why they hadn't done the surgery yet. I was surprised by her attitude and as the dream ended, I asked what it meant. I heard the Lord say that this child needed more than man's wisdom. Erika is in a place where she is dealing with a lot of doctors and it is easy to get overwhelmed with their info and begin to let them make all the decisions. I felt like the Lord was warning that you especially need His Wisdom right now and to keep praying."

~Momma Glenna~ (Joel's name for his Grandma's)

So, no chopping off my son's ears....check! But seriously, this was a needed check for me. With my first son, healthy as an ox that one, I took what the doctor's said with a grain of salt because I knew there were also naturopathic and homeopathic alternatives available to me that Western medicine was unaware of. But with Asher, there is still so much about his condition that I am clueless about, that I am more hesitant to find the natural answers to his health challenges and more dependant on the doctor's opinion. I have been feeling this strain and haven't liked it but felt I had no real other choice. I have a pretty good pediatrician for him who is more natural minded in her treatments of common ails, but it is so difficult to get in to see HER....so far I've ended up with the other doctors in her practice and I don't feel like I'm getting that little extra something that I need for my son. The thought had crossed my mind about taking him in to see an herbalist that comes highly recommended by two of my friends but I was again hesitant, this time because it would require cash out of pocket. But, since hearing my mom's dream, I'm really thinking about persuing it further and just have faith that the finances will be there when I need them to be.

The more I am around Asher and see the grace and mercy that surround him and his health challenges, there isn't a doubt in my mind that this is a very special little boy.....a dear one to God's heart. He is here on this earth, at this time, for a purpose and I feel I owe it to him and to God to make sure he is properly taken care of and not just another one lost in the medical systems of man.

Please continue to pray for his full healing and restoration in regards to his 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, that he have a new heart and kidney's and a brilliant mind, not touched by any mental infermity. We are standing in faith for these things and believe he is healed of the Lord and walking out a progressive miracle!



fixedonHim said...

Hey Erika,

We are still praying and standing with you guys for a complete healing for Asher!

Sorry we didn't make it out to the Garden Gate. The girls and I are working hard to finish out our school year and meet our deadline by next week. My comments may be few right now but know that you all are still in our prayers. :)

Love you all,
The Cornett Family

Matt & Erika Bond said...

It's alright, maybe you can make it out next time. I'll be sure you know about it ;)

I hope you girls get your school work done and turned in on time....then a nice summer break! ;)