Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Latest on The Bond Family

Hello all of you blessed saints of God!!! I hope you are all doing well. Well here is some more news on the Bond Family.


So last night Derek (our amazing room mate) and I went to Onething Orlando. It was really amazing. I had a great time. It was good for me to get away for a while and be in the midst of a lot of friends I haven't talked to since this whole dilemma with Asher started.

Erika visited Asher last night

Peacefully sleeping and bundled like a burrito!

Asher's beautiful face free of all tape and tubes! Praise God!!!

Erika says that Asher is doing alright. He had his feeding tube taken out now that he has his G-tube installed. It's really hard for him because that is how he has been fed and they are not going to be feeding him for the next 24 hours to let his stomach heal from the g-tube surgery. That was also how he was getting his methadone and other meds. So, He is not getting his methadone and is instead getting morphine through his IV. He is doing well but it's hard for him for the next day or so. Good thing this is a hump that he will get over soon and then be able to come home to us with in a week or a few days. So if you guys could pray that he gets well soon so that we can take him home that would be sweet. Pray that no infection takes place. Also pray for Erika, Joel and I, that we would have our eyes fixed on Jesus, The Author and Finisher of our faith. That He would be the joy set before us that we might endure this hardship with joy, being totally aware of His presence.

And In Other News

So last night as Derek and I were at Onething, I got a call form Erika that the car wouldn't start when she went to leave the hospital. I had her call protective services to come and give her a jump as we were across town with a group from Cocoa that we were leading around the city of Orlando (that was a strange little adventure in itself.) She got a jump and everything worked out okay so apparently the problem is the battery. A new one of those and everything should be fine. I guess when the alternator stopped working it ran the battery down or something. No worries. A small fix. Praise God.

Erika's cell phone has been cutting in and out lately and though she just got the one she has now, I think it's time once again for another one. If any of you have an old but decent Verizon phone that you are not using anymore, we could use it on this end. So if you have one you can part with, shoot us an e-mail at and we can arrange for a pick up or something. She has a chocolate right now which she likes, but it cuts in and out with letting her voice be heard on the other end.

So our little adventure last night was a bit interesting. Derek invited some of his buddies from Cocoa, where he used to live, to come stay with us for a few nights during Onething. They are some cool guys. Well we had to get them back to our place from the venue so they were following us home. I had this bright idea that we needed to stop by and get some Taco Bell on the way home and of course the one that was on the way was right in the middle of Pine Hills. We stop and go through the drive through and all of a sudden Dereks buddies decide it's a good idea to get out of the car and talk to everyone around the taco bell about Jesus or something. Long story short we ended up giving away some tacos and giving this deaf fella a ride over to Rio Grande and Gore (once again another shady side of town that we used to live in). He was a cool cat from what I could gathered. He helped Derek Shift gears while he was driving. Derek and I were praying that he would hear while we were driving. I really had no faith for it though. That bothers me. Why is it that we seem so filled with faith when we are in prayer concerning these things, but when it comes to actually healing the sick, we have nothing. At least thats what it looks like.

It wasn't like that when Jesus healed the sick. (Take note, that you will never find Jesus "praying" for the sick. The bible says He healed them and we are supposed to be like him. That's what being a Christian means, we are like Him.) So why is it that when I put my hand on a sick person,they don't get healed? Something is missing. Pray for me that we all as the Body of Christ find out what that is and get it by all means. The world needs it so bad. We are called to be like Jesus and to walk as He walked on the earth. Jesus is the most normal Christian in the bible. We are called to everything He did in the gospels. Everything He did, He did as a MAN. He had all of our limitations yet He healed every one that He came across that was sick.

So, I look at my precious Asher and see all that has been declared wrong with him and I put my hand on Him. Is He healed? It sure doesn't look like it. I take my hand off of Him and that damn goliath sicknes is looking me right back in my face. It is undeniable that we are facing a giant. It is undeniable that it is standing there threatening the life and wellbeing of my family. And it looks like it is far to strong for me to ever overcome.

All I know is that there is a man that walked the earth. He was perfect and sinless. The Father sent Him to live the perfect and sinless life necessary to produce the perfect sacrifice to atone for the sins of the world and all the effects thereof. Including all sickness and disease known to man. That man was tortured to death for doing nothing but doing good, healing the sick and telling the truth about who He is. He took 39 stripes on His back for the healing of every disease. That there might be a way for us to receive mercy in the form of bodily healing from diseases that the sins of man have brought upon us. It is this sacrifice that made a way for us to be free from all torment of mental illness. This man made a way for us to be completely washed clean from all the effects of sin.

This man's name is Jesus Chris,t the Son of the Most High God and it is in the way that this man lived on the earth that we are going to find healing and the access to bodily healing and every other type of healing that we need. All sickness is derived from sin... which is by definition separation from God. Jesus declared that He was The Way, The Truth and The Life. When we separate ourselves from God, it is inevitable that we will reap the wages of sin, which is death. What is sickness but slow death?

So, if God is Life and we are seeing the effects of sin in our lives then it looks like we need the Presence of God!!!!

Ah...thats it. (I really am thinking with my hands here. Welcome to the inside of my head. Now we can all get this together. YAY!!!)

So Asher needs the Presence of God!!!!! Sweet. So the deaf guy needs the Presence of God. So okay now lets pray for God's Presence to be made manifest in and around Asher and the deaf guy (and any other sick or tormented unsaved person for that matter.). So pray and ask God how you can bring His presence to all the sick and unsaved people in your midst. His presence will heal them. He is the very source of all life and anyone can discern it when it comes into the room. Even unchurched people. They may not have language to describe it but they notice the difference. And it draws them in to listen to the gospel. I have seen this happen on a number of occasions. When His presence comes, sin has no power and death has no sting.

So what we need to bring to the lost, the sick, the hurting, those in sin, is not theological statements or gospel tracts but we need to bring them the Presence of God and we need to do whatever it takes to cultivate that in our own lives. The world needs us.

So I need all of you to pray that God would give me grace to be faithful with the revelation that I just got here. That we would not be hearers of the word but to be a doer of The work (see James 1).

You are all amazing. I'm hoping that this little blog will continually be a blessing to you all.

We love you and appreciate you. We love feed back so feel free to drop us a comment. If you want us to respond and what not, go ahead and email us your feed back and prayers at .

All for Jesus!
M@ Bond

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