Saturday, April 18, 2009

Asher News

Asher was starting to level out a bit this afternoon compared to yesterday. It was really throwing him for a loop not having his methadone to curb the previous drug withdrawals and last night he was also in pain from his surgery, so he was fussy. Today, they had been giving him regular morphine through his IV and he had mellowed out again. Tomorrow they are going to try feeding him again....just small doses at a time since his stomach isn't use to handling food. His other feeding tube was dumping food directly into his small intestines and bypassing the stomach all together because of his bad reflux. So, now that they did the Nissen surgery to eliminate the reflux, they are going to try feeds in his stomach again. Once he gets back up to 20ml an hour without any complications, they are going to send him home with us. I just found out today that I have to go through an infant CPR class on Monday, as well as "room in" with him one night to get use to administering his meds and to learn how to feed him. This is going to be some wild ride for a while, but at least he is coming home which is my ray of sunshine amidst all the uncertainties.

Pray his little body will tolerate my breastmilk when they test him out again!

Asher is getting quite spoiled by all of the nursing staff. It seems that he just wants to be held and cries when he is placed back in his bed. I dont' blame him...I would feel the same way after laying in that bed for nearly 2 months and not being held for over half that time. He spends his days behind the nurses station or swinging in his little swing that they brought in for him. I'll try to get a picture of that tomorrow. I'm so glad that they are tending to my little one's emotional needs as much as his physical. Babies just need to be held and I can't be there most of the time to do that. I am already making plans to drop that little one in my baby sling the day he gets out of the hospital...and not take him off until he's 2 ;) Not sure how Joel is going to take to that....please keep him in your prayers. He has become mommy focused again since all this happened. He was finally starting to separate a little when Asher was born and now we are moving backwards a step. Just keep him in your prayers...that he won't feel neglected at all and instead he will enjoy having his baby brother home to play with ;)

That's all for now. I'm out of steam. Blessings!

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