Saturday, March 28, 2009

Little Guy sleeping peacefully...

Today was another good that we are getting the hang of this warfare thing! From the very beginning of this hospital stay, I knew that my peace and joy...despite all of the circumstances telling me I should be feeling something completely different...were my weapons of choice. I believe the enemy tried to steal those from me a few days ago and a heavy spirit of sorrow and despair tried to move into their place. But, thank God it only took Matt and I a short time to figure out what was going on and we took decisive steps to reclaim our high ground. Now we take steps to maintain our advantage. We try to pray in tongues on the car ride to the hospital to cultivate a heavenly atmosphere within us that we can then take into that hospital room. Then, we declare life into that little warrior's body and into whatever challenging situation he is facing that day. Today, it had to do with his breathing. After changing his diaper, the nurse turned him on his side and shortly after his blood oxygen saturation numbers began to drop and he started turning a little blue. Matt just started praying in tongues again and laid hands on that little body and declared that his lungs would BREATHE, that his cells would take in oxygen and that he would LIVE! Another nurse came in and was ready to put an air mask on him, but found that repositioning his head opened up his airway more and he could breathe easier. Thank you God for non-invasive intervention!!! He is still having a difficult time drawing in a breath and you can see his little chest drawing in rather severely at times. From what I can gather from asking different people, his diaphragm is weak from having been on the ventilator for so long and it is making his breathing labored.

Pray that his diaphragm would quickly regain it's strength and his lungs would easily take in air through open airways.

Pray that any infection would quickly be eradicated!

Pray that his left vocal chord would have no lasting damage (it is paralyzed right now from the surgery) and that he would have no feeding issues.

Continue to pray that his body would quickly get over it's addiction to the pain meds and that he will have no negative side effects from having taken so many for such an extended time.

Matt just called in again to see how Asher was doing this evening and everything looks stable. His breathing rate is strong and he is resting comfortably. Little bit of diaper rash....but I'll take that all day long over breathing complications ;)

Thank you for keeping up the good fight for Asher's recovery! He needs to be continually lifted up in prayer even beyond his hospital stay and I know that we are not alone in this. I am so greatfull to belong to such a devoted and loving church family who gives their all in times of need!
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Onto another topic....Joel's first "professional" haircut! We found a coupon for a free haircut at Big League Haircuts in the Goodhomes we took the little guy in. He was so excited to see the sports channel showing basketball clips on the big screen (he's all about basketball right now!!!) and wanted to play with all of their wall decorations. He got a little freaked out about sitting in the big chair all by himself, so I had him sit on my lap to get his trim (I felt like I needed it more than he did). He sat there very still until she was done....I was so proud of him! ;)

The nice lady let him hold their decorative basketball while he got his hair cut!

We are getting him ready for his 2 year old pictures. I found a GREAT deal with Portrait Innovations in the Winter Garden Village which I used for his 1 year old pics and I want to use them again. If you live close to one, check them out. You can get a whole slew of photo sizes for only $9.95+ tax and it is a really laid back environment. Alright...that's my sales pitch for the evening......I'm going to bed ;)


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Anonymous said...

Hey you don't know me but I've been reading your updates and praying for your family. When my son was in the hospital they used pampers diapers swaddlers which have a mesh lining and they gave him a really bad rash! Just thought I'd let you know. As soon as I swiched brands the rach cleared!