Sunday, March 29, 2009

"I Got To HOLD Him!"

This is the first time I have held him since running him into the ER over a month ago!

Matt and I headed to the hospital today like usual, but this was to be no "normal" day. First, we were told that his blood culture had come back negative for MRSA, which meant that we didn't have to wear the hot yellow gowns anymore. Thank you Jesus! Then, when we got close to the room I noticed that Asher had a blanket over him, which I didn't think much about it, until I got right up next to his bed and realized that he was dressed and swaddled. This was a first since arriving at the CICU. Usually he is kept undressed except for a diaper and warmed by a heating unit above him. The nurse explained to me that he had been having a difficult time regulating his body was common among babies with his heart defect...and needed the heating lamp. But, today he had started regulating his temperature all by himself which meant he could wear clothes now. It was wonderful to see him looking like a normal baby again...all swaddled and cozy. Then the big surprise....she said I could hold him!!! It felt so good to have him back in my arms again. I was nervous to move around too much because he still has a bunch of tubes and wires that follow him around and I didn't want to make his sternum hurt. But, just sitting still and looking down into his precious little face was enough to make me forget about all those inhibitions. An hour and a half just flew by in no time at all and we had to leave so I could pump again. I think the only thing that made me even want to put him down was that his breathing grew more labored and I wanted him to rest comfortably. So, this was a mile marker day!

Take a look at some more pics:

Trying to get things situated

Getting comfy back in bed

He was so alert after we put him back in bed. I've noticed that his eyes are looking more mature now than the little newborn's I brought in here.

Even though today was a good day, I did get a bit more information regarding his condition which needs to be covered in prayer. The nurse said that 95% of babies with his heart condition and repair have feeding problems...most of them require to be fed by an exterior port in their stomach called a G-tube. It isn't permanent, but it isn't God's best either! I'm standing in faith that he will be part of the remaining 5% that wow's doctors with his amazing recovery and ability to eat without aspirating his food. I believe he will drink breast milk and will be able to nurse shortly. I believe that his immune system will function at peak condition and that he has all of the T-cells he is suppose to have to work properly. I believe that he isn't going to have any speech delays, especially caused by a defective soft palate. He is going to be made whole in the name of Jesus and by the blood of the lamb that was slain for him! Please continue to join your faith with ours for this little warrior to receive a miracle healing!

God Bless!


CATHIE said...

That is so awesome! He can now get the cuddling and comfort all babies need. I am so glad you got to hold him, and soon he will be home!

Sharon said...

All I can say is HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD! You two are the BEST Daddy and Mommy! Much love, Sharon

The Grasons said...

AWESOME!!! Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dixiemom7 said...

Praise God for Asher's healing! I am so happy that you got to hold him! He does look more mature! He is growing in health and in mind. All of this is laying an amazing foundation for his future as a Samuel. Thank you for sharing this wonderful news.

Vette Toms said...

I would like you to know that I found an update on facebook and went to your site. tears In my eyes I write this. PRASIE GOD!! I agreed in prayer (your bold writing). I pray that the ehaling power of Jesus reigh over Asher. I prayed for you and matt, and strength to carry on. The battle belongs to the Lord!! I will keep you covered!! Faithfully!! If you need encouragment please contact me. Matt knows me and my husband Ben from yrs ago. Benjamin and Ye'vette Toms 407-876-6657 You arer blessed!!

fixedonHim said...

Praise God!!! What a breakthrough...the timing of our Lord is so perfect!!! :)

Thanks for sharing the pictures...He looks awesome!!!