Tuesday, October 23, 2007

And Yet...My Heart Will Sing!!!

I just wanted to say that God is Good, all the time....and I do mean ALL of the time! Even in the times where things aren't looking so good and and you feel completely helpless to better your situation....there HE is and there PEACE is! Matt and I are going through a financial situation that we got into before we left for the Carolina's last summer. It was suppose to be an innocent investment to make a little money for ministry school and it has turned into a very long nightmare. The short of it is that we have an investment property on our credit that was suppose to be financially taken care of by a partner investment company ... long story, but at this time, it is quickly rolling towards foreclosure. In our ignorance, we have been taken advantage of and now we are having to deal with this mess. But even in the face of this giant, I will abide in the secret place of the almighty and live in peace!

I find comfort in Psalms 35:1-10 (KJV)

Psa 35:1 Plead my cause, O LORD, with them that strive with me: fight against them that fight against me.
Psa 35:2 Take hold of shield and buckler, and stand up for mine help.
Psa 35:3 Draw out also the spear, and stop the way against them that persecute me: say unto my soul, I am thy salvation.
Psa 35:4 Let them be confounded and put to shame that seek after my soul: let them be turned back and brought to confusion that devise my hurt.
Psa 35:5 Let them be as chaff before the wind: and let the angel of the LORD chase them.
Psa 35:6 Let their way be dark and slippery: and let the angel of the LORD persecute them.
Psa 35:7 For without cause have they hid for me their net in a pit, which without cause they have digged for my soul.
Psa 35:8 Let destruction come upon him at unawares; and let his net that he hath hid catch himself: into that very destruction let him fall.
Psa 35:9 And my soul shall be joyful in the LORD: it shall rejoice in his salvation.
Psa 35:10 All my bones shall say, LORD, who is like unto thee, which deliverest the poor from him that is too strong for him, yea, the poor and the needy from him that spoileth him?

And as it says in vs 28, "And my tongue shall speak of thy righteousness and of thy praise all the day long. " Believe in God's mercy and redemptive power to remove this obstacle from our path and prepare to hear us sing the praises of his righteousness!!!

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