Saturday, June 2, 2007

Sunday - More Greenville, SC Pics

I just wanted to show a few more pictures from Greenville and the Aman property there. This is going to be a wonderful retreat center once it is finished. They have such great vision for the place which include an art site where we can teach pottery.....let me just dream a little with them ;) We can totally combine a teaching of how God is the potter and we are the clay with a throwing lesson....I'm available when you are ;) are a few more pics of the property. Lisa, feel free to copy some of the pics if you like them ;)

This is the Aman's house right on the river. They have goats, chickens, turkeys and cats. Kind of reminds me of when I was a little girl and I would try to ride my mother's goats ;)

Our bedroom led onto this deck.

It was so restfull to wake up in the middle of the night with Joel and hear the stream gurgling by just outside our room.

This is a fire pit area leading down to the river.

Veggi Garden

An Art Garden next to the house. The elephant leaves are plaster/ceramic cast and painted. Lisa is so creative!

Goats are such funny looking creatures!

Baby Joel riding in his sling and looking at the goats. That sling has been such a blessing because of the mobility it gives me with the baby.

That evening after the Aman group returned from river rafting, we ate and then settled in for that night's meeting. Matt led on the guitar and sang while Edwin played along on djembe (hand drum). The group was small, no more than 7 or so people, but all were in agreement and the spirit was so sweet! Songs of praise and adoration flowed from Matt's heart and everything seemed so honest and pure that no one wanted it to end. Afterwards, Matt shared what the spirit had shown him and we group discussed what we felt the spirit was showing us. Then he shared a bit about what he felt the spirit was saying about the potential of the property and about what Ezekiel 9 says about marking the heads of God's people who cry and mourn over the sin in the land. In that way, Matt felt that the Aman's property was to be marked for safety, a pocket of mercy as Mike Bickle describes it. It was just a really enjoyable evening among new friends.

Matt leading Worship

Edwin playing the djembe

Matt sharing with our new freinds at the breakfast table.

It was an amazing time and we want to thank the Aman's for inviting us to come out. Blessings!

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