Saturday, June 2, 2007

Friday's High Noon Council at The Cause

Friday afternoon we went to hear Lou talk to the interns at JHOP. When we walked into the prayer room no one was there and I thought we had missed them, but they had moved to the common eating area to watch a film. The footage was of a 10 year old Rodney Howard Brown service in Tampa, FL where they recorded angelic voices on tape. It was awsome. We watched as the church service came together in one accord praying in the spirit and then as the congregation stopped, you could still hear this fantastic noise of a large company of beings praising. There was a moment when the noise quieted and then this lone voice started singing "Glory" and then was accompanied by many other voices. It sent chills up my arms with wonder and the look on Rodney Howard Brown's face on the film was priceless! Then in perfect Lou style he said "We've gotta see that again"! And with each new person that walked into our meeting, he would rewind it for them to hear it, about 4 times in all! Then as a company, all of the interns and visitors started singing with the angelic voices on the film. It was priceless worshiping together with such people and it went on for quite some time. Matt took some pictures of the room with a digital camera looking for light orbs in the prints. He says that you can see spiritual activity in digital footage, appearing like fuzzy orbs of light. And sure enough, there were certain areas of the room that had orbs of light in them. Now, I'm a little skeptical of things like that, but he took multiple pictures of different walls in the room, overlapping pictures, etc and the orbs were in the same places of the room even though they showed up in different places in the snap shots meaning they weren't just a dirty spot on the lense. It was awsome!!!! You can see some of the pictures below.

This is a shot of the front of the room with the projection screen. Notice all of the white orbs over the screen. They only showed up on the front wall and on the right side of the room. We were singing with the Angels!

This was the largest of the orbs captured. If you blow up the picture, the edges of the circle look almost fuzzy with a firey look to them

Matt snapped a pic of me during worship. That is Joel sleeping in my baby sling.

Me, Therese Engle and a sleeping baby Joel.

It was a really enjoyable day. After the council session, we went and spent some time with our friend Maeve and her son Blaise. Too bad Derek was out of town ;( Then Matt had to go pick up our friend Levi and Edwin from Moravian Falls where they had blown another tire. (That's 2 blown tires on two different vehicles in 2 days....Edwin, we need to cast that thing off of you man!) Good thing we were up there to help!

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