Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Sound of Playing Children is Important

Journal Entry 12-14-11

A childlike value system.

The sound of playing children is important. In Matt 18:4 Jesus talks about humbling ourselves as one of the children. He said that those who do that will be called greatest in the kingdom of heaven. We can't enter the kingdom of heaven without being converted and becoming like children. We can't even get in without becoming like a kid. I don't get it. I mean, I kinda do but.... not really. I mean I know what the words mean that Jesus is saying here but....somehow I still don't get it if I'm honest with myself.

What is it about kids that Jesus was talking about? I really need to know and I think we all do. It would be terrible to live my life thinking that becoming a crotchety, self righteous, theologian is the picture of greatness for us when all along the goal is being like a child. Jesus, in the same breath, with the same kid in their midst says "woe to the world because of offenses. Is He highlighting the unoffendedness of children? Sure. It looks kinda like it. I need help I guess because it looks like Im' a bit offended at the crotchety, theologian types. God, please help me. What about the children is the Lord highlighting? How can we be converted and become like a child. I want in and I want to be greatest in the kingdom of heaven. I want a great reward and I'm not bashful about that the same way a child isn't bashful about what they want and what they need.

A child looks to his parents for provision, for shelter, for teaching, for love. He just has the expectation that these things will come from them. A child looks to his parents to meet every need. A child's position in a family isn't earned by that child. Children respond well to established boundaries. They thrive where there are clearly defined boundaries. They are good at following when lead properly. They are little sponges. They take in everything around them. They are imitators of their parents. They learn by watching their parents.

God, help us become like children. Help me. I want to be converted. I want to be like a child. I want what Jesus was referring to. Give me eyes to see what Jesus was talking about it. I want it. I need it. If being like a child is the way into the kingdom and the measure of greatness, then I need to know as much as possible about it. I need to be a professional on the subject of children and being like them. I need to figure out what Jesus was talking about. If my theology takes me from being childlike, I need to abandon it for what's really important in the eyes of God.

I want to be simple. I want to be like a child. I need the value system of a child. God give me a child like value system. I want to humble myself like a child. I want Jesus' idea of true greatness and not the worthless religious robes of false righteousness that's currently acceptable in our smug little American/Christian culture we've established and called the kingdom of God. I want to not be offended and angry at the shenanigans anymore. I want that simplicity that children have. I like the bluntness of their speech and the honesty they speak with. The innocence in their eyes. I want that. I want the chlidlikeness that gets me to greatness in God's kingdom. I want the stuff Jesus is looking for in a person. I want that.

What does a child value?

They value quality time with their parents and with each other. They value play. They value the good things of life. They value dessert. They value good food.

Lord, what were You getting at when you had that little boy you set in the midst of the disciples? Give me eyes to see. Give us eyes to see. I really want to understand You. I want get what You're saying. I want to be found faithful giving myself to You and my neighbor in such a way that gets me great rewards on the day I stand before You at the end of my life.

Give me the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the knowledge of Jesus. In Jesus' name.


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