Monday, December 12, 2011

Living like an illegal immigrant with a US citizenship.

I was cooking eggs this morning for the family before they all woke up and I was talking with the Lord. I asked Him about being a new creation when I was baptized and born again. Was I really born again and am I actually a new creation since then? Why then do I still struggle and why does it not feel like I'm a new creation? Are we actually a new creation in Christ when we are born again? Is it real or is it not real? Am I a new creation in Christ and if so, why aren't so many people living like they have God living inside them? Why is it that the majority of Christians in America are so miserable and mean to people that need the God they not only serve but the God the actually abides in them?

It's been a season of asking a lot of questions in case ya can't tell.

The answer I got as I cooked those eggs, was "It's like a Mexican living in America. He thinks that he is still an immigrant but he's got a citizenship and he's had it his whole life. He was born an American citizen but he was told that he was an immigrant his whole life by those who raised him and by everyone that surrounds them. The citizenship was purchased and yet he still lives his life being afraid that immigration will come and take him from his job and employer that treats him like a slave. He doesn't know that he can have more or that the fight he's engaged in isn't necessary. He is free and has rights to things he doesn't partake of because he doesn't realize what's available to him. That he is no longer a foreigner but a citizen. He lives like an immigrant because in his mind tells him that that's who he is. He doesn't see or realize that he doesn't have to live like that anymore. Once he sees the truth of who he is and what's at his disposal, he will live differently but there is a process of changing his thinking and getting used to the truth of who he is and there is a process to changing his thinking and adjusting it to the truth. He's going to learn over time to rest and not fear the authorities the way he used to. He will see he has more opportunities available to him and he will live differently.

I wanted to take a minute to edify any readers that are believers in Jesus and yet live as the immigrant in the above illustration.

You have been made new. You are no longer a sinner. That sinner died when you were baptized. He was left in that grave with Jesus and you were raised with Jesus when He came out of that grave. (Read Romans 5 and Romans 6) Your sins were washed away and you are now clean and free to relate to God as his son or daughter with no hindrance. The wall between the two of you no longer exists. God is approachable and there is an open door to His office for you to come in at any time and talk to Him like a father speaks with a son.

You've been filled with the Holy Spirit. That means that God actually made His home inside of you. That means He believes in you. You are no longer a sinner. The blood of Jesus has washed you clean from all that sin and you have been made clean. You are now the dwelling place of God and the place where people come to encounter God. You are His house. He lives in you. People come to you to encounter God the way people come to your house to encounter you. He lives in you. Nothing is impossible to you because His name is Immanuel and He lives in you. With God, nothing is impossible. He is with you. He lives in you. That means you are the carrier of the solution to very problem man kind could ever face.

You are now His body. (Romans 6:3) That means that you are His hands and His feet on this earth. You are to be the ones executing the will of God on the earth. His will isn't spooky and mysterious and hard to discern. It's very simple. He wants dead people to be made alive. He wants those that are prisoners to be set free. He wants justice for the poor. He wants hope in the nations and His plan for pulling that off is found when you look into the mirror. He decided to cleanse YOU with His blood and live inside you. You are the answer to the prayers of your suffering neighbors. You are the answer to the prayers of the poor on the earth. You are the answer to the prayers of the single mother up the road that needs help. You are the answer to the prayers of the hopeless. You are the answer to the prayers of the orphans in the earth. You are the answer to the prayers of the suffering. You are God's solution. God living in man. God living with man. Fellowship with God is the answer and yoga re to embody that. He washed you clean and now lives inside you. If you know that God needs to show up somewhere, then GO! He's with you! He lives in YOU!!!!!!!!

You are the light of the world! (Matthew 5:14) If there is darkness in a city or nation, you are the answer!!! GO! and it will no longer be dark! You are the light! If it's dark, it's because you aren't there! GO!!!! God is with you! You are the light of the world! The world will see the light by what we do! The darkness will be dispelled by the way we live our lives. let us go and live in light of the truth of who God is and who we are in God and not settle for anything less than the fullness of what Jesus purchased with His pain, His blood and His tears!!! May the Lamb of God receive the reward of His suffering!!!! Let's live a life that's worth Christ dying for! Let's put on display the truth about the fact that we are made new and washed clean by the precious blood of the Lamb of God!

We aren't to live lives of mediocrity and apathy! Not when we've have been bought with such a high price of the suffering of the Son of God. We need not live as a slave to sin and sinners!!! We have been made new! Let us be transformed by the renewing of our minds and live lives that shine a light so bright that all who see us will know that there is a God and that He is with us and willing to wash them clean!!! That the Lamb would receive the reward of His suffering!!!!!!


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