Thursday, August 18, 2011

Running sound, Healing Innards, Helping new mama’s and going to Reno again!!!

The Latest on the Bond family

Life has been going at an even pace here in Bond Family as of late. I’ve been running sound in the Global Prayer Room with Marcus Meier and the team and leading worship for the Foundations department (The inner healing department here at IHOP-KC). Erika has been ministering at a new mom’s group, teaching new mothers about breast feeding and ministering to new moms when they are having a tough time. All the while, the kids are growing like a bunch of weeds and they’ve been going to classes twice a week with the new Global Prayer Childcare. Erika has been able to get into the prayer room for 4 to 5 hours a week now because of this new department that has been put into place for members of worship teams. Since I’m on a worship team, The GPC workers watch our kids while I’m in my sets and that frees Erika up to get into the prayer room. It’s really great having her in there with me. Its doing a lot to unify our family and it’s been good to have a time where Erika can clear her head from all that comes with being a full time mom. It lets her recharge her batteries a few times a week.

Upcoming Ministry Trip

We have another ministry trip coming up at the end of August. Both Erika and I are going to be spending 5 days in, Lake Tahoe, CA and Reno, NV. We are going to be attending a prayer meeting with leaders in the prayer movement from the entire region to seek God’s face for what He wants to do in the region. There are going to be pastors and leaders from Sacramento, Reno and all over the region there and we have ben invited to come along as well! After the prayer meeting, we will be going “down the hill” to Reno to preach at the church of Pastor Terry Fred. I met them on my last trip to Reno/Tahoe and God really knit my heart to what God is doing with these guys out in the desert. We are also looking at doing some prophetic training with some of their small group leaders while we are there.

The thing I’m really looking forward to on this trip is that Erika and Tirzah are going to be coming along with me. Erika has never been out west and it’s ben a dream of her heart to see the west one day. I am really grateful that I’m going to be able to help fulfill that dream! ;) While we are in the midst of one of the most beautiful places on the earth, I figured it would be a good time to take a day with Erika in Lake Tahoe for our 6th wedding anniversary. We may be able to get a pretty cheap place to rent for the night up there on our day off on this trip. We are really looking forward to this as well.

The Days Ahead...

I’ve also never traveled in ministry like this with Erika and it’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for a few years now. I want us to do ministry together more. This is what is to be the first of many trips where Erika comes along with me. Eventually I’d like to take the whole family on the road with me. I can see a day coming where we get in an RV and tour the country preaching the gospel as a family, building and strengthening missional prayer communities everywhere we go. I’ve got vision for ministering at Burning Man and the Rainbow gatherings down in Florida (we would leave the kids with the grandparents for those I think. ;). I’ve got a dream in my heart to put the goodness of God on display at these gatherings of many of the fatherless of this generation that they may see the goodness of God and turn to Him and receive eternal life in Jesus.

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