Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So I am posting some pics and commentary on our trip to Florida and what not. I wanted to share the highlights of this trip with you all out there. The trip has been really long, but GOOD and I really can't wait to be back home to catch KC in the Fall. ;).

"Get out of my eyes sun!!!!!"

Asher chillin watching baby Einstien on the portable DVD player w/ his massive headphones.

We found the best rest stop at a place called "Rend Lake" in Illinois. It was the perfect place to stop for some much needed play and food. This was our lunch stop. The boys really enjoyed the play ground and not being seated and moving at 80 miles per hour. :)



Here is Erika preparing our lunch for us while the boys and I play at the park. I found this peanut butter at Target that was amazing. It was Cranberry Vanilla peanut butter. It had really good ingredients too for being Target brand. The fewer ingredients the better and this one only had 5 or so.

I talked Erika into getting on the see-saw with Asher and me with Joel. I got her trapped in mid-air and decided a pic was necessary. She didn't agree so much but was very gracious and she smiled for all of yall. She loves me. (Erika: it was VERY high and Matt was bumping us....scary!)

After a 12 hour day of driving on 4 hours of sleep and monster energy drinks. We were ready for a break. We stopped at my aunt and uncles house in Huntsville, Al for some much needed rest. They fired up the grill and made us cheese burgers. As beautiful as it was, I forgot to get pictures for you. You wold have loved them. These burgers were a work of art. My uncle Mark knows how to make some burgers. We didn't get any pic of our time in Huntsville. Taking pics was the last thing on my mind. I'm getting better at this whole blog thing and I'm trying to remember to keep this thing updated with pics. So with that said, pray for me to get the anointing to take good pics for this here blog. :)

One of the places I did get the camera out at was when we took the kids to Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park. My mom works there so she was able to get us all in for free. It was such a blessing for the kids to be able to have this day on the front end of our trip here.

Erika, My mom, Alli and the boys when we first got into the park. I'm behind the camera. ;)

This pic was taken of Erika and Asher on the Safari ride. He actually fell asleep on this ride. So did Alli. It was a very bumpy ride and definitely not one you would think kids would fall asleep on.

This is a great pic of Asher and cousin Alli looking at the fishies.

Joel and I discovering things in the bug/creepy crawly cages.

Joel and I looking at the Black Swans

We ministered at The Garden Gate Tea Room in Mount Dora the first week we were in town. Here are some pics of the night of worship we did. Erika and I shared with our family in Orlando what's been up with us over the past 6-7 months since moving to KC and the whole Intro experience. It was a really refreshing time catching up with friends from Florida. I love my Garden Gate people!!!! Can't wait to see them again!

I was the first person to ever worship on this stage. It is an honor to come back and do so again!

That's my buddy Edwin playing the djembe. He's pretty much the most awesome person on the earth (besides my wife and kids of coarse;)

I will try and post more pics when we get back from KC from this trip.

Till then, Blessings in the name of Jesus!!!!


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