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The Bond Family and The New Year

So here it is. Finally a new update to the blog. I hope it blesses you.

Here is an email update I sent to our partners while I was in KC this last month.

Bless you all.

Greetings from IHOP-KC!!!!
Happy new year. I pray 2009 was a blessed one and I pray that 2010 is a greater blessing on your lives!

I've been here in Kansas City Since this past Sunday and it has been an awesome time in The Lord as He has poured out His Spirit on me like never before. I have been missing Erika, Joel and Asher like crazy but I will see them soon when I come home on the 5th. Please keep me and my travels in prayer here as the roads are quite icy. So here goes the update......

Onething 09

One of our faithful mothers in The Lord and supporters has been sending me to Onething at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City for the last 3 years and this last trip has been one of the most fruitful and intense times yet. The Holy Spirit has been breaking out at IHOP-U for the past few months and this conference was very much marked by this out pouring. People have been getting miraculously healed, saved and delivered in a very powerful way along with many other signs and wonders taking place here. Ever since I've been coming to these conferences, I've known that it was only a matter of time until The Holy Spirit would open the door for us to move here to for a time of equipping and sending. We have prayed and gotten council from those God has put in our lives as mothers and fathers and we all feel this move to KC is a good move for our family and ministry. On this trip that door was opened and a commission from heaven was given to my family and I feel will mark us and equip us for the rest of our lives and ministry.

The Dream

On the night of the 29th earlier this week I had a dream that shook me to my core. I had a dream that my brother, TJ was burning due to an accident with a flame thrower and he was dying and that there was no way to put the flames out. I then began to preach the gospel to him and to plead with him to confess his sins and repent. To receive the sacrifice that Jesus made for his soul. I told him that if he repented and called upon the Name of The Lord that He would be saved and that his burning would stop after he died but that if he didn't, his burning would never end and it would go on for eternity. He then said "to hell with your gospel". I then told him that he had damned himself and that because he scorned the Love of the Son of God, he would burn for eternity when he died. Somehow he survived (there was a woman and another man present during this dream) and the woman that was there along with my brother were rebuking me saying "your brother was about to die and all you could do was preach your worthless religion." I then said "Cursed am I if I don't preach this gospel! The most merciful thing I could have done for my brother in that situation was do my best to see to it that his burning would stop in this life and that his pain would have an end.". The dream then changed to an experience that there are no words to truly accurately describe. It was as if I had watched 3, 1 hour movies at the same time, in real time in the course of 3 minutes with the presence and power of God manifested in the most intense way I've ever experienced. I saw vision after vision of me going to all the highways and byways of the earth with a group of young people preaching the Gospel with real power and laying hands on the sick and seeing them recover, casting demons out of children and all kinds of people and seeing the gospel go forth in power like I've never seen before. I was walking like Jesus walked when He was on the earth. I had a group of disciples with me and we were doing mighty exploits in the Name of Jesus. I then woke up still buzzing from the presence of God and the intensity of the dream itself.

The Commission

I then quickly got up and got ready to get to Barlte Hall in KC to hear Loren Cunningham and Mark Anderson preach the morning session of the conference. I was walking in a daze as my mind was totally consumed with the dream I had just woken up from. I was praying in the spirit and ask God what this all meant the whole 45 minute drive to the venue. When I got to Bartle hall and the main auditorium, I went to get a seat at the back and on every chair was a flyer. I read in bold letters, "Know your God and DO GREAT EXPLOITS". The only way I can explain what happened next was that it felt like the Holy Spirit gripped my stomach until I was groaning and tears were streaming down my face. I was gripped by the presence of God as I received what I feel was a commissioning to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every living creature. The message that Mark Anderson and Loren Cunningham preached that morning only further confirmed what I felt in my spirit and that gripping experience happened many times during these messages that these two men of God shared with us that Wednesday morning. I invite you to listen to the message for yourself if you can by clicking the link above.

The Equipping

After getting the clear "go" for moving to Kansas City and getting this clear commission to "go" into all the world to preach the gospel to every living creature, I was asking Holy Spirit what He wanted for us as a family here. I believe that we are to move to IHOP to go through Intro To IHOP-KC Internship with our whole family to get us all equipped and all burning for Jesus in preparation His use for us in fulfilling the great commission in our generation. After attending intro, we will then seek The Lord for His direction for the rest of our equipping here at IHOP KC. We will likely go through more classes on missions or possibly just start going to the nations short term as God opens the door. We feel that we are to based in KC for an undetermined amount of time that I feel will exceed a year at least.

"And being assembled together with them, He commanded them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the Promise of the Father, "which," He said, "you have heard from Me; And He said to them, "It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority. But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth." Acts 1:4,7-8

This season at IHOP is to be our Jerusalem until all of us as a family are sent by the power of God into our mission field. This may happen as a one time filling and sending or a process that happens many times as we are here.

The Burning

For from the rising of the sun, even to its going down, My name shall be great among the Gentiles; In every place incense shall be offered to My name, And a pure offering; For My name shall be great among the nations," Says the LORD of hosts. -Malachi 1:11

This scripture has burning on my heart for last few years. It could be very well said that it is one my life verses from the bible. My heart burns to see Jesus worshipped by every tribe, tongue people and nation of the earth. My heart burns to see God-hating atheists, hindus, muslims worship Jesus, The Son of The Most High God! My heart burns to minister the power of God to people that are tormented by false gods and demons, the people on the earth that are on a path leading to everlasting burnings, people who are ravaged by disease. My heart burns to see them set free. But more than this, the reason my heart burns is because I am a friend of The Bridegroom Jesus. My hear burns more than any of this to see to it that The Lamb receives the reward of his sufferings. I've acquired this burning by spending hours in prayer and study of the Word and days in fasting and prayer asking time and time again for what burns in Jesus' Heart to burn on mine and He has heard my cry and is answering my prayer. However over the last 3 years, Erika has been busy ministering to our children at home most of the time and has not had this opportunity to sit at the feet of Jesus in a focused way and receive that which burns on His heart. i've not had a frame work or an understanding of how to facilitate this in my wife and boys. This is one of the primary reasons we are seeking to move to IHOP and to go through their Intro program. In it they give practical training on how to incorporate a family in this lifestyle. They have over 10 years experience in this and We feel it of the utmost importance to set our whole family before The Lord in an environment of night and day prayer and worship to prepare us for the days to come in. I can no longer be the only one on the front lines of our ministry. My heart burns for the nations but I want to make this happen first within my own family with my own wife and children. I am setting this as a first priority and doing whatever it takes and moving wherever I have to, to make this happen. I am asking that you would partner with us in this. Not for us alone but for the Lamb of God. That He may receive the reward of His suffering.

The Challenge

That man is no fool to gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot loose.- Jim Elliot

I am going to ask you all to pray for us first and for most.

I am challenging you to pray about partnering with us financially for this transition. We are in need of $2300 to pay for the Intro to IHOP internship alone. We are also in need of a new van as our car is quite old and will not be adequate for the cold weather here in Kansas City. We are also going to need $1000 in monthly monthly income in addition to the monthly funds we are already receiving. This is the largest step of faith we have ever made but we know that God is with us and that by the grace of God and through The Body of Christ we will see ever single need met in Jesus' name. I am asking all who have a willing heart to give as The Lord puts it on your heart. Whether you feel lead to give or not, I am asking everyone of you to pray for us concerning this as we are firm believers that prayer is the most precious of all commodities.

Click Here to donate via paypal with your debit card. Or you can send cash, checks or money orders to 622 Caborca Ct. Ocoee Fl. 34761. If you have a mini van to donate, please contact me via e-mail.

Bless you all in Jesus' Name and thank you all for your prayers and your support in every way you've all been so faithful to offer it. We are blessed by you in ways, you will only know when you stand before Him.

For The Lamb..........


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