Saturday, October 10, 2009


It seems that dad is wavering between getting better and getting worse. He has been moved into the ICU at Health Central and they are having a hard time keeping his heart rate up. His oxygen saturation levels were very low and they had to intubate him (breathing tube) and they are still having a difficult time balancing out his fluids. Apparently, he is retaining water in some areas while other areas of his body are dehydrated. But, his kidney's are working well, they just aren't getting the fluids to process. I just heard from mom, that the nurses were able to get his blood pressure closer to normal than what it was...this is very good and means they can now fully sedate him to keep him comfortable.

Please continue to keep him lifted up in prayer. At this time we really don't know if he is going to live or die. We are seeking the face of God for His will for this situation and are leaning on Him for comfort... all the while pressing and hoping for a full recovery.

Pray his fluids levels and blood pressure will be stabilized. That the fluid will stop flowing out of his incision site and that his body will regain the correct balance and strength. Also, please pray for my mother, that she would have the strength and wisdom to endure this hardship.

Thank you all for your continued prayer support...and thank you to my sister for dropping off Olive Garden dinner! We love you, Alexis! ;)


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