Tuesday, June 2, 2009

If At First You Don't Succeed.... Asher's finger part 3

After pretty much getting shut down the first time I called Arnold Palmer about Asher's poor little finger, I had backed away from pursuing them to get help. The woman I spoke with told me to go to my pediatrician and that is what I did. I was fortunate enough to get in the very next day and had him seen last Friday. Dr. Crispin then referred me to a handful of orthopedic surgeons and told me to call them and see who accepted my insurance. That is where I hit the brick wall. I tried Arnold Palmer Orthopedic and was told that they are not accepting Medipass at this time.... and all of the other offices on the list didn't take it at all. So, with options running out, I asked the last office on the list how much a consultation would be with the doctor, hoping to at least be able to pay out of pocket to find out what is wrong with Asher's finger. The receptionist was very nice when she informed me that doing so would be considered INSURANCE FRAUD! I guess if you have insurance, you HAVE to use it or it's a big NO NO. Who knew.......I didn't. So, the frustration level builds and the hope of restoration is seeming less and less likely.......until GOD! I received a letter in the mail Monday afternoon from Arnold Palmer. It was a survey that they wanted me to fill out about Asher's hospital stay and on the cover letter, it gave a phone number where people could call to discuss their child's stay. So, I decided to give it one more try and call the hospital to see if they could help fix things. I was referred to a woman who listened to my story about finding Asher's finger taped down all crooked, as well as an experience Matt recalled another time involving that same finger. She seemed very concerned and told me she was going to pull some strings to get Asher in to see their orthopedic hand surgeon right away. Before starting her "investigation" she wanted to make sure there was something indeed wrong with Asher's hand...and this would be FREE OF CHARGE!!! God is so GOOD!!! I couldn't even get an appointment to have my child seen by this doctor and now he is going to be taken care of lickety split and for not charge to me. Through this all, my intention was not to cast blame or get anyone in particular in trouble......I just want my son's hand fixed. We are a musical family and have some plans for those long fingers of Asher's, involving a bass rig and piano keys. When the whole thing came about with his finger not being able to fully extend, I was so upset, and now God has opened up a way where there was no way to have my baby restored. PRAISE THE LORD!

I still believe Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital is a top notch facility and this just proves it. I think I just spoke with the wrong person last week, but it was enough to shake my confidence in them regarding this situation. I'll keep you all posted about what the surgeon says. My chiropractor said it looked like a dislocated joint, which is what we are hoping for.

Today I take Asher in to the Neurologist for a check up. I have to drop Matt off at OHOP and then head over all by myself to this one so keep me in your prayers. I'm not use to driving around by myself with Asher in the backseat alone. I'll let you know what we find out. Asher had some seizure activity while in the hospital and I think they just want to make sure he isn't having anymore.

Well, that is it for now. I'm going back to bed before the little munshkins wake up. I just wanted to share our praise report and encourage people that God is continually working on our behalf to bring restoration and healing to the places where the enemy is seeking to destroy!!


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fixedonHim said...

Praise God!!

Thank you for sharing this testimony Erika and being so transparent with your feelings along the way. I really needed this encouragement this morning! God is Good and He really is in control of all things!!

Hope you have a wonderful day! :)