Monday, June 22, 2009

Daddy Day for a Super Pop!

My hubby, the ever self scrutinizing daddy... who really does a pretty good job even if he himself doubts it.... had a few moments of appreciation on Sunday. I wanted Father's Day to be a nice and memorable day for Matt, mainly because of all this family has been through, but mostly just so that he would be able to hear and feel how much I appreciate him being a good daddy. So, I started working on a deal to trade some nail services for a new tattoo.....on him, not me! He has been longing for some new ink for quite a while and this looked like a good opportunity. It looks like we may be able to get a piece done through some AWESOME Friends of ours, the Vance Family, and that really excited him. But, it didn't do much for making Sunday that great of a day in itself...and truth be told, we started it off on the wrong foot by having a not too encouraging discussion in bed before we even stepped foot on starting the day. Not a good idea, btw. The rest of the day inkled on by hitting high points such as no lunch ready when it should have been.....running out of gas on a hot street after picking up lunch....and God catching Matt's attention by stopping his car in front of a church billboard which read "If God only used perfect people, nothing would get done". Made him laugh and sherk off the storm clouds that had been brewing around his head...and began re-affirming his self worth as a good dad. God can do that in really simplistic but AMAZING ways! From that point forward the day was pretty good. Sleeping babies allowed us to have a nice quiet 3 o'clock lunch together, catch about an hour nap and then get invited out to dinner by "Momma Sue", aka Matt's mom. She met us out at Texas Road House where we pleasantly entertained ourselves and Joel by shucking peanut shells on the floor and holding Asher. Must have really been enjoying ourselves because we didn't even hear when they announced our table was ready.....and our 15 min wait turned into a 45 min wait. Good thing we like hanging out with each other and it was no big deal. The pictures should help explain the rest of the evening....

Matt regaining his peace in the kitchen, just after getting the car running again..."Thank God for AIRCONDITIONING!"
(Note the little Angel "Orb" above his head and to the left"

Me and "Momma Sue" with a sleeping baby Asher chowing down on an awesome blossom.

Joel after a visit with the balloon man. Notice the totally cute "Monkey in a Palm Tree" ;)

You can tell by that smile that his day totally turned around :) Thank You Jesus!

An amazing Texas Roadhouse Smokehouse burger. My personal fave when I feel like eating brick...which occasionally I do. ;)

Well, that was our day in a nutshell. Hope you enjoyed...I know we did.


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