Friday, May 29, 2009

Asher's Crooked Pinky Finger...

I finally spoke with a social worker at Arnold Palmer yesterday to see if there was anything they could do about Asher's little pinky finger and my usual lady wasn't there. The fill in seemed to think there was nothing to be done and told me to take him to my pediatrician...I guess I just wanted them to fix what went wrong on their watch. Don't get me wrong...that is an AMAZING hospital and I'm overjoyed that he hasn't had more problems to deal with what with all the surgeries and time spent in any hospital environment where sickness pervades the atmosphere. That is a testament to Prayer and Arnold Palmer running a tight ship!

For those of you unfamiliar with Asher's newest challenge, I'll give you a brief filling in. Matt was looking at his hands 2 nights ago and noticed that his right pinky finger will only unfold half way. It curls down just fine, which is the reason we haven't noticed it until now since he only just recently started sucking on his fingers more and released them from the newborn clenched fists. I remember that during one hospital visit, I was looking him over in bed and noticed that same finger had gotten taped down sideways when they wrapped his hand and arm to a foam board to help him from dislodging an arterial line used for drawing blood. I brought it to the attention of the nurse who untaped it, but later that day it was back....he must have been pulling it down that way. But now, it looks like the middle joint has been popped out and healed wrong. I know for sure that it wasn't like that before the hospital stay because that is the finger that has a slightly deformed finger nail on it (it's just smaller than the rest) and I had examined it after he was born....perfectly good working finger except for the cosmetic nail.

I don't know what I was expecting the hospital to do...they have bigger things to worry about than a crooked finger! I guess a big part of me just wanted them to make it right. I made an appoitment with my pediatrician to have it looked at later this morning at 10:15 and hopefully there is something they can do which doesn't involve breaking his finger or huge cast. I just want it taken care of while his bones are still soft and pliable. We are a musical family and the thought of him having to work around a bum finger doesn't make me happy. So, I will keep you updated on what the doctor has to say about it. Please keep him in your prayers today .... that it will be a simple fix and not cause him extra pain and discomfort!

Like I said before, I'm not trying to cast blame for the injury because I know things like this happen...I just want to see him fixed and back to normal again. I'm not going to push anything with the hospital, I think it was just therapeutic to call them in the first place since I took it pretty emotionally when Matt pointed it out to me. Silly, I react so strongly over a crooked finger when he has already undergone open heart and stomach surgeries. Call it the straw that broke the camel's back! ;)

So, keep him and us in prayer if you will...and I'll report back when I get some real news and I'm not just blowing off steam.



Ghent96 said...

a crooked pinky, clinodactyly, is a fairly common and often uncomplicated, harmless deformity of the pinky finger. You can google it, tons of people out there with it. It is, however, also a symptom of other more major conditions, including some that deal with heart defects - I notice you said he had heart surgery as an infant. It is likely not anyone's fault, but do question and pursue the exact nature of his syndrome more fully.

Matt & Erika Bond said...

Thanks for the info. I think we took the crooked finger so hard is because we are a very musical family with hopes that our children will play also. I think I had secret hopes of Asher being a great Pianist due to his LONG fingers ;)....but it's more difficult (not impossible) to play with a bent finger. In reality, if he comes through this ordeal with nothing worse than that crooked finger then let it be a sign for remembrance of a mighty God showing loving kindness on a baby boy who wouldn't have been here without HIM.