Thursday, April 16, 2009

Looks like Surgery is a Go for Friday

So, today's news is very brief, because there isn't much to say. Asher's nurse told me that the doctors have decided to go ahead and do the g-tube surgery, even without doing the swallow study. Reason being that they don't trust his reflexes enough to even try letting him swallow barium for the test...thy don't want him to aspirate it into his lungs.......not the place you want to keep your spare Barium. So, I have to go in early Thursday to meet with the docs, get an overview of the procedure and sign the consent forms. Surgery is suppose to happen on Friday sometime. I'm a little bummed because I can't be there for this one. Joel is sick with a stomach virus and my mom has to work that day so no babysitter. I'll have to visit after everything is over and done with that evening and just pray that everything goes well. I may have more to report after I speak with the docs later. Until then...enjoy a pic of my sleeping babe!

The mitts are to keep him from tugging on his feeding tube. Yesterday he pulled it out!!

Keep the prayers coming....that this next surgery will be done with ease and no complications. That he will heal, resume his feeds quickly and easily and come home ;)


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