Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The BIG DAY Photo Review!

Well, today has been quite a long day and we are both emotionally DRAINED! Asher is resting right now in his little bed and Matt is running around half asleep in his boxers trying to get our room put back together so we can pass out! I didn't want to leave you all hanging though, so I put together some pics from today. Hope you enjoy! There will definitely be more tales to tell now that Asher is home because this battle is not near over. When we left the CICU, I was handed his exit papers which included follow up appointments with 8 different doctors! Oh no, the ride is not near over yet. (I can't get this underline to turn off..sorry)

Matt sitting all comfy cozy in the big arm chair. Asher is looking really intensely at something... We hung out most of the afternoon to get a feel for Asher's med / feeding schedule as well as to learn how to give the meds.

This was Asher's new room with a nice view of some trees. He loved looking out the little nature boy! Nice room in deed, but we weren't sad to say goodbye.

Asher's pile of meds. The nursing staff were super about making sure we knew how to administer each type of medication. It is a bit overwhelming, but not too long as you pay attention. I had a spaz out session tonight over his meds being 30 minutes late and me not being on the ball. It was just stress.....I know it will get easier and become second nature with time, but that doesn't help out right now!

Joel's first time seeing Asher since he was 3 days old! He was happy that his little brother was back home and kept wanting to see the baby ;) Please pray for Joel's ankle. When my mother went in to get him up from his nap, he was favoring it and now he doesn't want to walk on it. Makes it hard on us having to carry him everywhere as well as care for Asher.

We gave Joel a little gift "from Asher" to help him with the transition.

He LOVES these magnetic sketch pads and had a tiny one for the car, but now he has a BIG one for our house. (Thank you Jane!)

Asher resting with a full tummy in his new bed next to momma's. Thank you AGAIN Jane for the idea of getting him the baby pappasan works beautifully!

Well, that's it for now. I have to go fix up Asher's milk bottles so that we won't have to mess with them in the middle of the night. Oh how I miss the days of breastfeeding and getting more sleep!!!

Please pray for Matt and I to have the peace of mind and grace to orchestrate our daily lives. We are totally stressed AND exhausted and he has only been home since 6pm! It is wonderful to have him home just the same!!! ;)

Please pray that Joel will adjust to the changes that are happening in our family.



fixedonHim said...

Welcome Home Asher!!!

You guys are awesome and are doing such a great job with your beautiful family. :)

It will definitely get easier soon when it is no longer a "new thing". In the meantime we will continue to pray for all of you for peace, strength, and multiplication in your rest. In all things that you would have God's favor.

Thanks for sharing the pics and your lives with us!

The Cornett Family

Matt & Erika Bond said...

Thanks Denise! I got use to venting my life on this's a habit now; or at least for as long as I'm still pumping...that is my blog/email time since I'm forced to sit in a chair for 20 min! Blessings! ;)