Monday, April 13, 2009

Asher Update / Adoption

Asher is doing GREAT! We walked into his room to see him being lovingly cuddled and played with by one of the nurses. That always reassures me that he is well taken care of even when I can't be there ;) (big sigh of relief). Apparently, he is learning how to get his way by crying and has caught the adoring attention of quite a few nurses on the floor. The CICU is rather "uneventfull" at the moment (the nurses say we jinx them if we say it is "quiet") and there is time to kill just crooning over the little one's. He eats up the attention and LOVES being held. Who wouldn't after all he has gone through!

Sleeping Asher - free of his oxygen Canula!!! So nice to see his face without all that tape!

The respiratory therapist thumping Asher's chest.....he LOVES this...really, he does ;)

The news from today's nurse was sounding like they are expecting him to get the "g-tube", just going by what his tendencies are. He has a very sensitive gag reflex and also deals with reflux...all issues which can be created/aggravated by heart surgery (a lot of nerves in the same area as the aorta). That being said....our God is an Awesome God, capable of miracles, signs and wonders! The very fact that this little guy has made it this far is a testimony to God's mercy and power. So many things that could have gone wrong have worked out in the best possible ways and I'm not going to just let a report like that deter me from seeking Asher's continued healing. But, if God should choose not to heal my little boy in the way that I want him to, then I know that He has a better plan for our lives than I can see right now.

Rom 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

"All things" means the good and the bad. We may be walking through this valley right now to prepare us for another challenge in the future. In fact, I was reading last night about special needs children (many with Down syndrome) who needed to be adopted to save them from a life in the mental institution. Many of these children have chromosome disorders like Asher's and they need families who know how to and are willing to take them in and care for them. Matt and I have been thinking about adoption for a few years now and we feel it is in our future. Ever since this thing has happened with Asher, we have been drawn more and more to the special needs children. I was introduced to a website called Reeces Rainbow which focuses on finding these children all over the world and making the need known about their adoption status as well as raising funds to help with the process. At first, it was difficult to look at these kids, but God is working on my heart and drawing me back to that site just to look at their faces and read their stories. I spent over an hour last night just getting to know each one of them and they are becoming beautiful to me. I'm slowly being able to see them for the shining, happy little souls that they are and not for the mangled shells that they are housed in. This whole ordeal with our precious little boy could be turned into great experience for another addition to our family when the time comes. If you have some time, please visit the site and pray over these little ones, or pledge some money towards a pending adoption. Lets help spread the word and get these beautiful children into loving homes and families!

Please continue to pray for Asher's aorta to grow and fully correct itself with full circulation

Pray that Asher's nervous system would be healed in all aspects of eating, breathing, talking etc. and that his reflux would cease in Jesus' name.

Thank you for your continued prayer support of my is much needed and much appreciated!


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