Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yeah for Breastmilk!

Asher is now up to 2 ml of breast milk an hour which means he was handling the first dosage well enough for them to up his intake. If he keeps going like this, they will keep increasing the amount he is receiving until he is able to take full feeds and hopefully be able to nurse without problems. He still has the chest tubes, but so far they are still draining and there isn't any sign of infection, which is wonderful to hear! His little chest scar is healing up so nicely and surprisingly fast. The nurse said it would be all healed up by the time he comes home which just amazes me. They are still working to ween him from the ventilator and are looking at Sunday for a possible to take him off the vent. It will be so good to see him without all those tubes....just my beautiful little boy looking back at me and able to fully move around as he wishes! I have learned to truly appreciate the small joys of motherhood.

Pray he continues to digest the breast milk well and thrives on it.

Pray he has no swallow issues that would hinder him from breastfeeding.

Pray he continues to stay infection free!

Pray continued strength into his lungs to take over for the vent without having any problems.

On the home front, I have been overwhelmed by responses from friends and family to our last blog. In just one day, I have received an offer to borrow a microwave, as well as the herbs and supplements I needed to get rid of the yeast condition in my milk ducts. I have only been on the supplements for half a day and can already feel a difference. The swelling, burning and stabbing pains aren't as severe as they were last night (it was a really bad night!). And we have some offers for dinners, which are also a tremendous blessing! Thank you to everyone who stepped up and offered to help! It truly blesses me to know how much we are loved and cared for. I have had some questions about what I can and cannot eat on my anti-candida diet, so here is a quick general guideline: No Sugar, Wheat, Fruit, Milk or Soft Cheese, Pickled or smoked/cured foods, Vinegar. If you want to get exact, then you can take a look at the shopping list. I know all those restrictions don't make it very easy to help with meals, but if all else fails, my family loves beans and rice ;)


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