Thursday, March 5, 2009

We Have Yellow Pee!!!

Hello friends and intercessors!!! Have we got some news for you! I talked to a kidney doctor person lady today and she told me that Asher's kidneys have full functionality!! They are still healing. She told me today that he may have some structural abnormalities with his kidneys but we know that whenever they say "may" in terms of a bad thing, that means it ain't gonna come to pass in Jesus' Name!!! His kidneys are going to be just fine. I'm looking at his bag of pee right now and it is pure yellow for the first time since he has been in the hospital. So praise God! Keep praying!! It's working!!!

Pray That Asher's kidneys would continue to to recover. Pray that Asher's Liver be restored to absolute health. Pray that Asher has no brain damage at all. That his brain scan would come out clear with no problems at all. Pray that God would do a creative miracle and give Asher a brand spankin new heart In Jesus' Name!!!!

If a creative miracle isn't the route that God wants to be Glorified,
Pray that the surgeons and doctors and nurses be equiped with the wisdom of God and the mind of Christ to properly operate and bring Asher back to health.

Pray that the Edema/swelling would continue to go down in his stomach and his whole body. (he is 1 and 1/2 centimeters down from where he was the other night.)

Today was a good day for little Asher. I went and saw him earlier this morning and he was fully awake again. I was able to pray with him being fully aware of what was going on. I was speaking the Word over him and prophesying over him, as well as praying of course, for a good 20 minutes. Hospital staff kept trying to talk to me and I did all but ignore them as I held my son's little hand and prayed. It was a wonderful time of prayer and The Holy Spirit was present with us.

I also had the chance to try and minister to a muslim family today. It was difficult as they automatically assume that Christianity is wrong and that Jesus never died and rose from the dead. Their little boy is only a week older than Asher and has a similiar condition. They are at a sensitive time in their lives and I would like you to join me in praying for an open door for the gospel to be preached to this precious family. The father's name is Abduel and the child's name is Kareem. He has already had 2 surgeries but has come down with an infection that is threatening his life. Pray for Kareem to be healed and for Abduel to be saved along with his family.

It was intense. I was in the waiting room with them (it was an entire muslim family) they had their house of prayer yodley guys going real loud from the laptop when I walked in and I was asking God what I should do. I almost turned on the IHOP prayer room stream and turned it up louder but thats the little stinker in me and Holy Spirit told me to just rest in him and read the Word and focus on releasing His presence. I opened the scriptures and the minute I did so his webstream started skipping and he turned it off. Crazyness huh? I then began asking him questions about islam like how does he know that his God loves him and how does his god feel about him. He then began to explain islam to me and what not. So yeah

Pray for open doors for the gospel and open hearts for this family during this time of crisis. They are precious people and I really like them. They were super nice and they were continuously praying and bowing down and stuff the entire time we were there.



Rebecca said...

Hi Matt & Erika
My friend, Diana, who attends the monthly, Monday night, house group meeting, shared little Asher's condition with me last week.

Joining with you and all those who are interceding, and standing with your family, for Asher's total healing!
Praying for the Muslim family & baby's needs as well.


Matt & Erika Bond said...

Thank you for joining us in prayer for Asher's full recovery. It means a lot when people link arms of faith alongside us for our son.

Dixiemom7 said...

Praise God for Asher's continued healing! Matt, you are so awesome, I love your approach to the muslim family. I'll join my prayers with yours.