Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Steps in the right direction and other stuff.

Okay, so I'm really tired tonight so it is going to be short sweet and to the point.

Asher is improving really well as far as we can see. We went in today to see him without a tube in his mouth. The ventilator had been removed and he was breathing on his own. At first it didn't look like a good idea as it looked like he was gasping for air unsuccessfully and it freaked Erika and I out. Then a nurse came in and told us that his numbers were good and that he was doing well off the vent. She then changed his position to laying more on his side and he started to relax and breathe more regularly and effectively. So he is breathing on his own now and we are praying that they don't have to put him back on the ventilator as it is very painful for him.

Pray that his breathing would be strong and that he would stay off the ventilator and continue to breathe on his own.

Pray that his little body would be renewed with strength and vigor and he would be able to handle greater amounts of milk (or formula...bah)

Here are some pictures that I thought you may all want to see. Notice how you can see his face and all. That's great! I haven't seen his whole face without some kind of tape for about a month now. It was really encouraging.

And here is a picture that Erika took of the two of us together.

I really love this kid and I want him to be made whole and to bring him home again. I want to get to know him and to see him flourish in The House of The Lord as a Samuel.

Everything seems to be going well. He is on that formula stuff but we found out that it could very well be temporary and that he could possibly start back on breast milk after some time. His chest tubes are still leaking minimally and they are talking about taking them out soon as well. I certainly hope they are doing the right thing at the right time. They are also talking about taking his central line out this week soon as well. All of that together means that we would be able to hold him...yeah!!!!

So it all seems like good news. I'm a bit worried for some reason. I hope they are making the right decisions. It's not like I can do anything about it if they're not. At least nothing but prayer, which is A LOT! His life is in God's hands and I have to consciously work at placing it there everyday because of my tendency to pick it back up myself!

Pray that the medical staff would have the wisdom of God and that they would make the right calls concerning Asher.

I have been praying for a 14 year old boy named Micheal. I didn't know him or anything but he won my heart in the CICU and I started praying for him. I had seen him a number of times as we walked to Ashers room to spend time with him. He stood out because he was a big guy (14 years old) when I'm used to seeing small kids and babies here. I met his dad and he informed me that the doctors had given him 12 hours to live. He had some heart issues that are linked to muscular distrophy I think. Whatever it was it was life threatening. I have bee trying to speak faith in the family to believe God for a miracle that Micheal would be healed and raised up from this. I've been doing what I could to keep them in expectancy for God to do something miraculous in him. Today I saw them "transfering" him. I didn't see it really but I know what was happening. He died at some point between now and the last time I prayed for him (the first time in his room last night). I really don't know how to take this at all. Pray for the family. I'm not sure how to even do this. Just pray what the spirit leads you to pray.

In other news Erika and made it to OHOP today and had a refreshing time of prayer and time in the Word. It was encouraging to have both of us in there at the same time getting into the Word and prayer. I like it a lot. That was a much needed time for us.

So just keep praying for Asher and for us as a family and individuals as we all need it still.

We really appreciate all that you all are doing for us in prayer and intercession as well as your giving. It has been such a great blessing for us right now. You guys are awesome. Keep it up, you're good at it;) (Shout out to Mark and Erica for bringing us over a ROCKIN chicken and rice dish for dinner...YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!)


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Diana Scimone said...

This little guy is a FIGHTER -- with his blue boxing gloves on! I know that's not what they're for :-) but that's what I thought of when I saw them.

We continue to speak release over him--release from all the tubes, release from the hospital, and release into all that Jesus has for him.

We love you all and are proud of you!