Friday, March 13, 2009

The News on Asher and the Rest of the Family

Okay, you guys are awesome!!!!! Thank you so much for all of your prayers and all that you have been doing for us as a family.

Asher is awake right now as I type this update in his room in the ICU. He's looking up at his Mommy. You can see the bandage over his chest wound that is healing up well.

Pray for Erika as it is hard for her to not be able to pick up and hold her little boy. She's such an amazing mother and it's been really hard on her as he is wide awake and we had a doctor tell us that his blood pressure goes up when we are around because he wants us to hold him. It broke her heart hearing that.

His chest was closed up today and he is doing well. However he still needs to be lifted up concerning certain areas. He is responding well to the meds that make him pee as he is peeing just the right amount which is awesome. Erika was a bit overwhelmed today as she read the pamphlet on the 22q11.2 deletion syndrome that was given to us by the geneticist the other day. We are at the beginning of a huge battle. I for one have handed it over to The Lord because we simply aren't strong enough to fight and I praise God that He is Mighty to Save and that he rides the heavens to help us. He is mighty in battle and there is no battle that he loses.

The first step towards recovery is to ween him off the ventilator and to get him breathing on his own. Then the next goal is to get him eating and taking in food on his own (breastmilk WILL GO DOWN IN JESUS' NAME!!! declare this with me please.) At some point they are going to do a swallow swallow study to see if all works properly in that department and some time shortly after all that we will be able to take this beautiful boy home with us.

Prayer Points are as Follows:
Pray that his blood pressure normalizes.

Pray that the Edema in his abdomen and limbs would go down so that his lungs wouldn't be restricted at all and that he can be taken off the ventilator to breathe on his own ASAP.

Pray that he would be able to have breast milk. That he would not only tolerate it but THRIVE on it.

Pray that he tolerates feeding and has no signs of swelling, vomiting or diarrhea.

Pray for no seizures at all, of any kind, EVER.

Okay, so that pretty much covers whats happened today with Asher. I would appreciate some prayer going up for Joel and Erika and I. I was holding Joel today and he said to me "ah home?" (translation: wheres home or something like that) I asked him if he wanted to go home and he thought for a minute and said to me "yeah". I then told him that we were trying to go home as soon as possible and that we would be home as soon as Asher was all better. This broke my heart. I grew up in a fragmented family and I HATE that my family is fragmented during this time. I hate being apart from my boys. It is starting to wear on us a bit and we could use some prayer for grace to go through this part of the process of having one of our kids hospitalized and the other at grandma's house. I really just want to be home with both my kids and back to a normal healthy family life.

So here are some pics of a really sweet me Erika and Jesus moment we had on the top of the parking garage at sunset. It was like a little oasis of time for us in the midst of this stuff. Enjoy.

My Beautiful Wife. God has so blessed me. You can see the love she has for me in her eyes. I don't deserve her but God pours out His mercy so abundantly on me.


fixedonHim said...

WOW...I am in awe of our Faithful God and his unending goodness!!! Praise you are so Awesome!!!

I have to be honest when I read this update I just started balling seeing Erika looking at Asher and not being able to hold him & hearing the blood pressure comment from the Doctor. When I started praying I felt like the Holy Spirit was showing me that even though this time feels like your family is being torn apart. This i s just a season, one to actually strengthen you...just like in the fall when rye seed is scattered on the ground preparing for the next season, and in the winter what used to be there appears to be gone. Especially when the new growth is so full & lush. Once the rye fulfills its purpose it phases out and the thick, strong beautiful lawn that you love & missed in the winter season is back & thriving...stronger than ever!

This is just a season and one that you have been prepared for...your seed has already been scattered on the ground and the rye is thriving. You may feel like you are choking underneath it...where you are currently. But, GOD IS THERE, as you know and is doing a great work- growing, stretching & healing your family!! He is in control ... preparing your entire family for the next season. ...preparing you for His Mighty & Awesome Plans ahead!!!

Thank you for your transparency Matt & Erika- openly sharing your feelings along this journey. You are ministering to many and God is being glorified...Hallelujah!! Our family is honored & blessed to be lifting you all up to in prayer. Hang in there...the winter is almost over. :)

We love you guys,
The Cornett Family

Kim Johnson said...

You two are amazing in the midst of this! Your whole family is in my prayers. Thanks for keeping us posted. Love & blessings, Kim

Nick Canuso said...

Hey Matt, you have my assurance that the Orlando House of Prayer is committed to praying for your family and Asher however long it takes. We will NOT let the fire go out. We love you guys.

CATHIE said...

Matt and Erika,
As I was reading this to myself and Trina, we also were so moved to tears looking at the pictures of Erika and Asher. I can not wait for you both to hold him. He is so precious. Your in my prayers and thank you for your Blog keeping us all posted.

31What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?
32He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?