Monday, March 16, 2009

Much of the same...only with more sleep!

Well, Asher is still progressing...each day he gets a little closer to being fully recovered and able to come home. He is gradually loosing more edema, but is still carrying quite a bit in his abdomen.

The nurses found that Asher is quite a bit like his daddy today! Apparently, our little boy reacts quite the opposite from what he should with some types of drugs...Matt was the same way when he was little. They noticed that when they gave him a certain type of drug to make him sleep...he would actually stay awake and watch everything that was going on. So, they tried him on another sleep med and that one is working like a charm. Interesting how each of our bodies react so differently to stimuli.

(Matt here, Erika's getting too sleepy to blog.)

So overall he is recovering well and is daily getting closer to coming home with us. Speaking of home....tomorrow we are moving back home with Joel for a week at least. Not only is it Joels birthday tomorrow but he has been really missing us and we have been really missing him. It will be good to have our family back together again as I have been missing it intensely. I love my famly so much and I am happy that we are going home tomorrow. I miss our room mates and the life we have at home. We are surely blessed.

So as far as prayer points go:
Pray that Asher's chest tubes would be able to get taken out soon.
Pray that the edema/swelling would continue to go down.
Pray for there to be no siezures or any brain stuff wrong with him.
Pray that he would breathe strongly and be able to come off the breathing tube ASAP
Pray for us for the readjustment to normal living to be smooth.
Pray for wisdom for Erika and I as far as how to readjust our life with Asher, Joel, family time and work schedule for OHOP.
Pray for God's provision for us to continue after Asher's hospital visit comes to a close.

That should keep you busy for a while. You guys are amazing and I can't wait to get back to OHOP and get back into the flow of things and to get our famliy all back together.

We appreciate all that you do. Thanks for reading the blog. It blesses us that we are able to bless you with news from our life.

Blessings in Jesus' Name!
M@ and Erika Bond

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Sarah Joy Albrecht said...

Matt & Erika,
Thanks for posting this update!
We are continuing to pray for Asher, and are rejoicing with you over each little milestone.
Much love from Japan,