Saturday, March 7, 2009

Asher's Swelling is Down....And a call to DONATE!

Praise report time!!! Asher's waist measurement is about back to normal....a good 37 cm down from 41+ cm the other night due to all of the edema and swelling. Praise God! He is actually looking like himself again. Check out my handsome boy ;)

Oh...he just makes me want to pick him up and hug him!!

His little body....Free of excess water

A Call to Donate: (Thanks to Dixie for donating rock!!!)
Now that Asher is on the mend...he is ever getting closer to surgery day. If anyone would like to donate blood for my darling boy, I would be so greatful. One concern we have for Asher is that he is at risk for Hep B due to the blood transfusions he is receiving. All blood is scanned before it is used, but there is a chance that an early infection wouldn't show up in the blood screen and he could catch it. Matt and I don't believe in vaccinating our children until they are at least 2 years of age to give their bodies a chance to develope further without the burden caused by the vaccinations. We have also recently received the news that he has tested positive for a Chromosome disorder called DiGeorge Syndrome which could present itself as learning dissabilities, mental disorders, etc. I am even more concerned that this disorder could put little Asher at an increased risk of responding badly to the heavy metals found in most giving him the Hep B vaccine isn't my first priority right now. (I'm weighing the pro's and con's with his pediatrician and we will make an informed decision about this when the time comes).

I said all of that to put the word out about Blood Donations. I would feel so much more peace if I knew where the blood was coming from and that it was indeed clean. Asher is A+ if anyone lives in the area and is interested in donating (I believe he can take A- and O- as well). The blood would most likely have to be donated on Monday in hopes of getting processed in time for his surgery mid week. If you are interested, the info is:

Blood donation for Asher A. Bond at Arnold Palmer Hospital (they should have him on file)

Florida Blood Center (main number)

Clermont Location
1200 Oakley Seaver Blvd. (located in the plaza behind Sonney's BBQ ...on the first floor)

Michigan Street Location (south of 408 and just off of I4)

Please send me an email if you go do the donation. I want to know who to thank for giving my son the life in their blood ;) Email:


Diana Scimone said...

Wow, what a difference from last week and even a few days ago! He looks wonderful (and soooo adorable). We love you all and will continue to pray!

Tess said...

Awww, shoot, I'm just the right blood type. I would gladly donate for him, but I'm a little too far away! :-(