Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Faith is Substance!

God is so awsome! Matt and I have been praying and believing God to give us a new car for nearly a year now and were just given a Silver 89 Volvo last Monday. It's actually a funny story...Matt was driving our Corolla around and started asking God what he needed to do to get the new car. Suddenly, he felt that he needed to change the oil in the Corolla. Taking that as a hint, since we were about 3 months overdue...he purposed to get it done soon. About a week later, we were driving to do some erands and decided that today was the day to change the oil in the car and had already picked out a place to have it done after we left the chiropractor. Well, within in a few minutes, Matt felt his phone vibrate indicating he had a missed call. It was a man from church who said he had something for us. He wouldn't say what it was, only that it was an answer to prayer. Well our minds were racing with excitement, but we purposed in our hearts that whatever it was, it was EXACTLY what the Lord wanted us to have at this time. That evening, after Matt's prayer watch, the man walked up to him and handed him a set of keys.

Ice cold air, Dark window Tinting and plenty of Room for Little Guy's Car seat!

We were looking into renting a car to drive up to The Call in because our little Corolla wouldn't have made it and now we can drive in Volvo Class ;) We still need to put 2 new tires on it and fix a few minor things but what a blessings none the less.

So, now I'm driving around town in a very SAFE an SPACIOUS car that I don't owe a thing on ;) I am so greatful that I serve a God who is concerned with my needs and who loves to satisfy them!

If you are believing the Lord to bring something to pass, don't give up. From the moment the prayer entered into your heart, the Lord said yes. It is worth waiting for because when it comes, it will be in HIS timing which is always better than ours. Faith IS Substance!

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